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Are you looking to add warmth to your home or business place? There is nothing like a fireplace to tie a room together and provide your family and guests with the natural warmth they love. Fireplaces are not only used for the practical purpose of adding heat to a room on those chilly days, but also can be used as a decorative piece. They can be used as a focal point, encompassing the ability to make a statement in any room. We work with Continental Fireplaces to provide our clients with the best in fireplace quality and innovative design.

Together we offer a variety of hand crafted fireplaces which are all available through Global Comfort Air. Regardless of the size, layout, or style of your home, you can work with our technicians to find a fireplace that will meet your unique needs. Whether you are looking for a direct vent gas fireplace, vent free gas fireplace, electric fireplace, a wood burning fireplace, or an outdoor fireplace, there are hundreds of customized options to choose from. Whether your home is designed traditionally or has a sleek and modern feel to it, fireplaces can provide customized homes with a look that will accurately fit their designs.

We make it our responsibility to ensure that your fireplace is installed properly and will not damage the quality of air in your home. Indoor air quality is a key component of a healthy home, that’s why we work with Continental whose fireplaces are hand crafted to the strictest quality standards and ISO9001-2008 certified. If you were contemplating the addition of a fireplace to your home, we would be happy to speak with you about options, and offer our advice to help in your selection process wherever possible.

Our fireplaces differ in operation styles and appearances to satisfy a diverse set of homeowner’s tastes. Contact us today for a free installation consultation.

Fireplaces Solutions

Practical and decorative, there’s nothing like a fireplace to give your home a cozy feel when the weather turns chilly.

GCA provides a huge assortment of options to suit every room and decor style. We have energy efficient fireplaces, and even compact fireplaces with different venting options that work in the tiniest of rooms. Best of all, with GCA you know that your fireplace installation is done correctly, is up to code, and won’t impact the quality of the air you breathe.

GCA can warm up your home with the fireplace that works for you.

Gas Burning – Direct Vent

Eliminate the look of a traditional chimney stemming from your homes roof by utilizing direct vent gas fireplaces. This type of fireplace draws combustion air from outside and exhausts its combustion byproducts to the outdoors. The direct vent piping can exit through the wall, directly in the back of the unit or vertically above the roof depending on the model. This allows you to implement a fireplace at locations in your home that were not previously possible. Direct vent gas fireplaces are available in different expressions, ranging from traditional to modern to chalet style units. This versatile fireplace is the right fit for any home.

Gas Burning – Vent Free

This fireplace eliminates the need for venting by encompassing the ability to burn very efficiently. This fireplace is available in propane (LP) or natural gas depending on your preference and the model. Due to the vent free aspect of this fireplace, it is extremely versatile and can be installed in places that you did not expect were suitable for a fireplace. Add warmth to any sized room, whether it is your family room, bedroom or bathroom by choosing from hundreds of options.


Do you want to step out of the box and differentiate your home? Electric fireplaces allow for the largest variety of placement options. With a vent-less system, you can make your fireplace a conversation piece by hanging it on the wall or exploring other design options. Add a spark of modern design to any room with the sleek look of an electric fireplace providing you with ultimate convenience.

Wood burning

Do you want to maintain the tradition of a fireplace? With the intention of keeping the environment clean and healthy for everyone, Continental’s wood burning fireplaces not only meet but exceed EPA (Environment Protection Agency) standards. Continental provides the cleanest high quality wood burning products. This traditional fireplace will add real warmth to any room, as well as the cozy, classic feeling of nostalgia.

Outdoor living fireplaces for your patio

Warm up on those chilly nights with outdoor Fireplaces by Napoleon. Whether you’re looking to improve the design of your outdoor patio to sell your home, or seeking to improve your lifestyle, the outdoor fireplace is for you. Extend the hours you spend in your backyard with your family and friends by enhancing your outdoor comfort. Available in various stylish designs, there is an outdoor fireplace for everyone.


GCA Heating and Air Conditioning partnered with Continental Fireplaces to provide clients with the finest quality fireplaces. At GCA, we are experienced and qualified to install of any type of fireplace in a variety of residence styles.

We do not advise you to attempt to install a fireplace on your own. Our skilled technicians are familiar with the specs of each fireplace in the Continental line and will be able to not only troubleshoot on the day of your install, but also ensure that the assembly and insertion are done with precision. When installing fireplaces yourself you can encounter many problems that can cause harm to you as well as your family.  Our technicians always follow modern safety practices as well as pay close attention to aesthetic details during the installation process which you may not be aware of.

We do all we can to make the installation process convenient for you. Our technicians will bring all the required materials and begin the process with no assistance required, at a time that works best for you.

Some believe that the addition of a fireplace in their home will have a negative impact on the quality of indoor air. Continental utilizes the latest technology and we ensure that the air quality is fresh, clean, and not impacted by the addition of your fireplace. Our installation process is completed efficiently, as quickly as possible, and at your convenience. We respect our clients’ homes and take special care to avoid ruining your walls, floors or any other aspect of your house. Our work is clean and yields effective results so all you’ll need to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the newest additional to your home.